Day 52: Booty workout

Aggghh! I’m walking funny and can’t sit down from yesterday’s glute workout. Just as I recover, it’s leg day again.


1) One Leg Squat on Smith Machine – 4 sets of 15 reps each. I started at 50 lbs and my last set was at 65 lbs. Here’s a good clip for demonstration (despite this woman’s voice being so terribly grating):

2) Box Jump (using a TALL box) – 3 sets of 10 reps each. Here’s a good clip for demonstration:


1) Leg Press: 3 sets of 30 reps. I take a mini-break in between each set on the 15th rep and change my stance on the platform. I start with a wide stance, then on the last 15 reps I move my feet close together. Always placing my feet high on the platform so my knees don’t bend over my toes. Here’s my idol Amanda Latona demonstrating:

2) Bosu Ball Squat (holding 25 lb plate): 3 sets of 15 reps each. Don’t hold a weight if you’re just beginning. Use this exercise for core & stability with no weight at all!


1) Hip Abductor: 3 sets of 20 reps each. Heavy weight, lifting tush 2″ off of the seat and leaning forward and I push out with my hips.

2) Walking Lunges (with 50 lb barbell): 3 sets of 24 steps. I step really wide and lift through my heel, squeezing my booty as I stand upright.


1) Back Hyperextensions: 3 sets of 20 reps holding 20 lb plate.

Day 12: Beast Mode!

Today I tried something new! After reading this awesome article on ‘fasted cardio’ I gave it a whirl. I just can’t stand cardio – the treadmill bores the shit outta me, I’m way too clumsy for the elliptical, and I can’t push myself hard enough on a stationary bike. I really rather go hiking or run around my neighborhood. However, I just don’t have that luxury when I gotta be at work bright and early. So I figured I’d give this a shot.

I woke up bright and early and got dressed in my gym gear. I resisted the urge to chug my normal protein shake – and for some reason, perhaps because I was specifically NOT eating, this morning I was really starving. Tummy growling and all. Nevertheless, I jumped on the freeway and about 10 minutes out from the gym, I downed my cocktail of 10 grams of BCAA’s and 300 mg of my pre-workout supplement (aka, my crack juice). I like my crack juice but I never take it on the same day I have a venti ice coffee from Starbucks. They both have about the same amount of caffeine, and my goal is not to be tweaked out for the rest of the day at work.

Per the article’s suggestion, and from other research I’ve done, my goal today was only about 25 minutes of cardio – not including the 5 minute warm-up I do, nor the 5 minute walking-only cool-down. I specifically was going to do HIIT cardio – High Intensity Interval Training. Right as I started experiencing that tingly beta-alanine rush, I got on the treadmill and walked on a very steep incline for about 5 minutes. I set the treadmill for 60 seconds at 3.8 mph to alternate with 60 seconds at 6.5 mph, at a level ‘2’ incline. I don’t give these numbers as a suggestion to any readers – I have HORRIBLE cardiovascular endurance. Probably (definitely) because I hate doing cardio, so I really haven’t been doing any at all. I had created a new playlist to go with my new cardio workout and it carried me all the way through! It was tough in the middle – I wanted to stop so bad! But I pushed through it and completed my fast-walking with all-out-sprinting intervals. I sweated like a pig – my face got all beet-red – and my hair was a mess by the end. But I loved it because it felt like the time went by quickly and my heart rate was elevated the whole time. I did down a giant protein shake and a banana the second I got into my office after the workout and felt like a champ for the rest of the day! ohmygodihatecardio.

Day 6: Tired & Sore

I wasn’t feelin’ it today.  I don’t think there’s a single part of my body that ain’t sore. My shoulders, my triceps, my forearms, my back…my booty! Ugh! I was walking funny around the office today and could barely get out of my chair. I’ve really kicked butt this week and I was thinking this would be a perfect day to rest and recover and not hit the gym. Instead….I found myself at the Santa Monica Stairs. Now that’s dedication, cuz these stairs are beyond tough.

sm stairs

That’s 107 steps ascending up a total of 109 feet. They’re a killer but it’s such a great alternative to the gym. Since I find cardio boring and horrible, this place really makes it bearable. You’re blocks from the ocean, there’s a nice breeze and you have a beautiful view of the Palisades at the top. There are actually two sets of stairs – one is concrete, the other is wooden. I like running the wooden stairs since there’s a little give to them and it’s easier on my joints.

I haven’t run the stairs in a long time but was still able to do 10 reps in 32 minutes.  I count going all the up and all the way back down as ONE set. I do a combination of skipping steps, jogging up one step at a time, or walking. Sometimes I feel like crawling. However you do them, you’ll be a sweaty hot miserable mess in no time. Here are some suggestions if you wanna run the stairs (or any stairs close to you):

1) Bring plenty of water. No joke. It gets hot and you need to stay hydrated. Bonus Tip: I park at the top on Adelaide Drive but I leave my water at the bottom – that way if I get to the top and don’t feel like finishing all my sets I’m forced to go back down & up once more to get my water bottle.

2) Bring a hat and/or sunglasses.

3) Please don’t spray a shit ton of perfume on right before you arrive. All the Palisades and Santa Monica milfs like to layer it on and then prance around. It can smell, quite frankly, like a whorehouse sometimes. I’d much rather be smelling the ocean – which is literally down the street. Stop it ladies, please.

4) If you’re not comfortable wearing tiny booty shorts – don’t do it. They ride up and everyone behind you has quite a clear view of you digging out your wedgies as you self-consciously climb the steps.

5) Do stretch before & after. Or start with a slow one-step-at-a-time warm up set.

6) Bring a carb and/or protein heavy snack for right after – this workout really takes it outta you and I don’t like driving home feeling light-headed and dizzy.

7) Grrrr. Sorry my blog is so ghetto still. I give up trying to get the image of this map to show up. Here’s a link if you wanna hit those stairs:

Day 4: Today I lifted 6,652 lbs!

That’s right! Today I focused on my shoulders. I discovered a couple specific trouble spots after reviewing my “now” pictures I took a few evenings ago. Aside from the never-ending glute saga, I’ve got to start rounding out and building up my shoulders a bit and narrowing and tapering at the waist. I already have a pretty small waist and I think that will improve drastically just with clean eating alone (although I do train abs a couple times a week). However, I have a hard time working out my shoulders specifically because my traps always seem to get engaged and they build faster. I do NOT want big gross traps. Yikes.

Here was my workout:

  1. Barbell Incline Bench Press: Did 4 sets of 12 reps. First two reps were only with the 45 lb bar; I went up to 50 lbs for the last 2 reps
  2. 45-Degree Overhead Barbell Thrust: Did 3 sets of 15 reps (each arm). I started at 45 lbs, 2nd rep I did 47.5 lbs and the last rep was at 50 lbs (I did 30 mountain climbers in between each set)
  3. Seated Dumbbell Press: 3 sets, 12 reps @ 17.5 lbs. (did 20 reps of incline crunches in between each set)
  4. One-Arm Lateral Raise: 2 sets, 15 reps @ 8 lbs. Last set was 15 reps @ 10 lbs.
  5. Face Pull: 1 warm-up set of 15 reps @ 30 lbs & 2 sets of 15 reps @ 40 lbs