Day 31: Doing Time

Every morning when I wake up at 4:45 am my first thought is: "I cannot go to the gym today. I have to come home and take a nap." Every morning. I'm able to recognize it and start laughing when these thoughts pop up - even as I go take a shower, then eat breakfast, then … Continue reading Day 31: Doing Time

Day 5: It’s only Day 5

Today was Legs Day. Yeah, that's in caps. Legs Day is always the hardest and it happens twice a week. I learned a few good lessons while kicking my own ass at the gym today. I started off strong. Despite feeling a little disconnected and self-conscious since I was trying out a brand new gym … Continue reading Day 5: It’s only Day 5

Day 1: The video that started it all

Yesterday at work, while I was in a trance gazing admiringly at pictures of Amanda Latona, I started seriously contemplating the idea of entering my first novice bikini competition. I've known deep down inside that this is something I've wanted to try, but honestly - I really didn't think I could swing it. I can be plagued … Continue reading Day 1: The video that started it all