10 Weeks Out

Left: 10 weeks out from 1st competition (147 lbs); Right: Yesterday, 10 weeks out from 2nd competition (140 lbs)

OK, so we’re gonna just totally ignore the retarded sleepy face present in both pictures, mmmkay? Thanks. These are two progress pictures taken exactly 10 weeks out. The one on the left is from my 1st competition a few months ago; the one on the right was taken yesterday. I’m starting about 7 lbs lighter than I did last time. Which is awesome – cuz I’m hoping that will somehow translate into me not doing as much cardio this time around. Here’s the feedback I got via email from the judges on my first competition:

“Congrats on a job well done at the Cal. You have a very nice physique for the bikini division. You have nice balance and your posing was good. My suggestion to you is to improve your overall conditioning. Bump up the cardio and be very strict with your diet. I would add a lite more muscle to your upper body and add depth and roundness to your glutes. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you onstage again very soon!”

In case you’re not following me and didn’t witness my ridiculous day-of-competition Facebook photobomb extravaganza, here’s a few shots:

front pose 3 front pose transition

I placed 4th in Novice for my class and 5th Overall for my class! I got first call outs, and that was my goal. Here are my fave candid shots (for good measure, right?):

2015-05-23 18.46.15 2015-05-24 13.07.57

One week after my show I did get my body fat tested to see how I came in. I was at 8.5% body fat and had managed to maintain all of my lean muscle mass during my prep period. I was super stoked about that. As I got smaller I was so concerned about withering away all that hard earned muscle.

I had such high hopes and lofty goals, post-comp! I swear, I swear I did! I was going to carefully reverse diet, do a little mini-bulk and add back in more carbs, and maintain my 6-days a week gym regimen and lift like a badass 100% of the time. After all, to come in leaner, or look “more conditioned”, per the judges suggestion, I really have to add on lean muscle. I cannot (and do not) want to lose too much more body fat.

Here’s the reality of the situation though: I love food. I love lifting super heavy and spending 2 hours in the gym and then going to the Stand and eating a giant double cheeseburger (and fries). Also, I could feel that my body wanted to rest. And I started a Statistics class in school and I had to bust my ass to keep up for Finals. I was feelin’ pretty hot and said “fuck it” and kinda coasted for 3 weeks.

I’m not regretting it. I’m going to be gentle with myself.  I’m only up 5 lbs from stage weight, I’ve cleaned up my diet this past week and back on track with Sunday Meal Prep. I’ve been having fun lifting as heavy as I possibly can. I’ve been playing around with doing way more ‘big lifts’ each week than ever before–squatting and doing deadlifts maybe 3 times per week. I’d probably do more if I wasn’t so damn sore. I’ve kept up with my 1 gallon of water per day (for the most part) and my daily vitamins and supplements (my thyroid meds, spirulina, omega’s, vitamin D and B-complex, and a probiotic).

So, here we go. I’ve got 10 weeks. I’m currently taking another gnarly Stats class, and I’m also doing an accelerated 9-week NASM certification course. And I just got a new puppy. I know the next two months are going to be a challenge – but I’m up for it. I am coming up on the big 3-0 in January and I feel like it’s NOW or never. Ok – so that may be a little melodramatic, and nothing need be that black or white. But there will be plenty of time to ‘rest’ and take it easy later on down the line. Right now, I’m motivated and young(ish) and I’m going all out while I can. I have big plans and I just am not patient enough to sit and wait and do things linearly, one after another.

I remember in yoga, some teachers I had would have everyone in class set an ‘intention’ for that hour. I really loved that practice of setting an intention for what you hope to focus on during a set period of time. My intention for the next 10 weeks will be “Balance”. Here are my goals:

1) Sleep more. Be diligent with getting 7+ hours.

2) Don’t take on any more commitments. Don’t overextend myself (more than I already am). When I start trying to calculate the drive time in between appointments & only apply makeup in traffic – that’s a sign I need to slow the F down, and simplify.

3) Meditate regularly in the morning and the evening.

That’s all 🙂

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