14 Weeks Out from Show #2

front pose 3 front side pose (2) transition

Agggghh! Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Here’s what happened: I got really hung up last time about posting blogs throughout my prep that I forgot to actually…you know…prep. When I got serious and found a coach in late March, and started a real 10 week prep, there was absolutely NO TIME for this bullshit blogging nonsense. It literally took every ounce of energy, blood, sweat, and tears I had in me to get through the 10 weeks and stay on track. I was spending 1.5- 2 hours in the gym, about 5-6 times per week. Going to school at night. Working a full time job. Taking care of my moochie (my fur baby) and my boo. It was a blur of cooking and prepping meals, eating meals, going to the gym, and passing out at night. Deep african sleep alllllll the way (for you Louis CK fans, you got me). I competed about a week ago on May 23rd at the Cal State Championships in Culver City. I got first call outs in both Novice & Open for my height class. I placed 4th in Novice and 5th in my open class. I’m extremely pleased. I went into it just praying for first call outs– that’s all I really wanted. Which was a big goal – no doubt. But to walk away that evening with the trophies was a really incredible feeling. Most of things I do in my life (school, work, mentoring, etc.) are ongoing – they have no definite “completion” date. I mean, school will eventually end – but it’s so far away I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. So having set a goal, working toward that goal, and achieving it and walking off that stage felt really triumphant and rewarding.

But it ain’t over yet! I’ve set a new date for my 2nd competition…. September 5th! This time I’m going to do my best to post throughout my prep…

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