Hangin’ tough

Today’s workout got me like this lil baby. Should I eat, sleep, or just cry?

This is what happened:

5 exercises x 15 reps each x 5 sets – 90 second rest in between sets

  • Assisted Pull Ups (I like using MummyStrength bands over the assisted machine)
  • Box Jumps
  • Barbell Chest Press
  • Floor leg raises
  • Sumo squat (w/ dumbbell)

I did a little lighter weight than I’m used to, with higher reps, and used this circuit workout to squeeze in some cardio (cuz #ruckfunning). You do each exercise back to back without any rest in between (literally jog from one exercise to the next). Don’t stop till you’ve done 15 reps of each. I took a 90 second rest in between each set.