How you know when things are getting serious….

1.       There are tons of Quest protein bar wrappers littered about your car.

2.       You rate peanut butter up there with bacon.

3.       You do Leg Day two or three times a week.

4.      You get more excited over a pair of new workout leggings than a pair of 7 jeans.

5.       Everyday a new muscle is sore. The soreness never ends, it just rotates around to different parts of your body.

6.       You’ve got your fave protein powder on auto-ship.

7.       You eat more than your boyfriend.

8.       You spend more time flexing in the mirror than applying makeup.

9.      You feel fancy in jeans and heels – since you’re usually wearing sweaty gym gear.

10.     You love lifting on Friday nights ‘cuz the gym is totally empty.

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