Bodybuilder Blues

So, I’ve hit a little snag. A little set back. Outta nowhere, I lost my gym momentum. I’ve been training 5-6 days consistently each week and I lost my mojo! Something came up and I couldn’t go last Friday. I was on set for a national commercial for my company this past weekend, from 7 am to 9:30 pm and I absolutely couldn’t squeeze anything in. And today? Well… I was wiped out and exhausted and had to grocery shop & food prep and all the stuff I normally do over the weekend. So that’s 4 days outta the gym. I subsequently ate crap ALL weekend long, of course. I feel bloaty and gross and defeated. To make matters worse, money is slow. Super slow. I’m rethinking my plans to hire a trainer for my first show. Which is very disappointing and scary for me. I really felt like I needed guidance on this first time around.

Just in time, I listened to an episode of Pro Body Talk podcast during which they interviewed IFBB Pro Rodney Razor. He’s my fucking hero right now. He said everything I really needed to hear. He shared about how he just stumbled into this sport, not really knowing much. People had told him that he had a great physique and he wanted to take it to the next level. He never had a coach! He never hired a trainer or anyone to take him through competition prep. He talked about how he would Google terms like “peak week” and he taught himself everything he needed to know by doing his own research and working hard.

It was so motivational. Sure, I would prefer to do this with a trainer, but if I can’t – then I’m not going to let that stand in my way or use it as an excuse to back out. I got the reinforcement I needed to know that I can do this – trainer, no trainer, doesn’t matter.

And on that note… I gotta get to bed. Back to the gym tomorrow. Back to my prepped foods. Time to shake off my blues and move forward.

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