Day 119: “I wanna lift trucks with chains”

Best way to harass your dog while he’s trying to nap: use him to practice your deadlifts! When he started scratching at me I had to put him down. I couldn’t keep my back flat while he was squirming around, anyway.


Today, I’m nerding out on all things bodybuilding! I found this awesome podcast called Pro Body Talk Radio, hosted by Jen Thompson, Whitney Jones and Shannon Dey. I started listening to it primarily because I saw they had an interview with my all-time fave Amanda Latona. I listened to a few other episodes, and her interview stands out as the most honest and helpful. The interview starts at the 30:30 mark:

I loved what she had to say about taking your ego out of your training and adjusting your body to the changing industry. Even though she wants to go and throw heavy weights around, she watches the industry and her competition and changes her training according to what the judges want. After winning 10 pro shows, she still stays teachable and asks herself: “How can I improve?”

I also liked what she said about “not looking at the back of the book”. Don’t be focused on the end, or what you’ll look like in 7, 5, 2 weeks from now. If you trust in the process and do what you have to do just for today, then you can stay out of the results and enjoy the journey.

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