Day 120: It’s confusing, I know.

Phallic dessert @ La Ventura Mexican restaurant
Phallic dessert @ La Ventura Mexican restaurant

So, a couple things. First off, I cannot control myself at a Mexican restaurant. It’s just not possible. I eat the basket of chips in front of me, and then I move on to everyone else’s basket. I shovel guac into my mouth at lightning fast speed & drink the salsa. I always order carnitas – the fattier the better. So – lesson learned! This was my 2nd cheat meal of the week. It was planned. But it’s good to file this info for future reference.

Second, I’ve decided to push back my competition date! Hence, the new “Day” count in my blog titles. I’m going to start titling each post counting down to the day of the competition. Makes more sense that way. Builds suspense!

This was a tough decision to make, but after analyzing the timeline and the 12 weeks of hard prep I will need – this is the best way to go. Originally I was going to compete on February 14th. That would have forced me to start my official ‘prep’ on November 22nd….5 days before Thanksgiving. I would have had to plan my annual holiday trip to Texas with my boo’s family around early morning training & cardio sessions at the gym and a strict diet. Now, I don’t mind making the sacrifices, but I really didn’t want to inconvenience his poor family. How would you feel gorging yourself at Christmas dinner with some skinny chick on a diet eating a plate of veggies next to you? Also, this year we’re driving to Texas. That will be two consecutive days of driving there and then another 2 days of driving back. That’s 4 days total with no gym access. And I can’t just hop outta the car and go for a run while my boo waits. That’s ridiculous.

Ultimately, if I had to, I could do it. I could do some HIIT cardio while Allen’s sleeping. Pack a cooler of clean food. Grocery shop in Texas and prep my own meals. Wake up at 4 am to drive to the gym before everyone wakes up. But why? Why add that stress to the middle of my very first prep? No thanks. I want to enter this thing feeling strong & with a commitment to stay consistent. My eating habits (uhhh…as evidenced at the Mexican place tonight) are not consistent enough to be considered a mindless habit. To interrupt my routine only 7 weeks before my show just isn’t worth it to me.

Now, I’m not going to go crazy at Christmas. I will reign myself in. No endless cookie-eating contests and I will do regular cardio. I will pack healthy snacks for the road trip. And I will start my super strict clean eating the first week of December to lean out prior to my trip.

My new official date is March 14, 2015. As of today, that is exactly 4 months away. I will be competing at the Muscle Contest Championships, a show that is also an IFBB Pro Bikini Olympia qualifier. That means I’ll get to see some super inspiring kick-ass bikini chicks who have been at this thing a lot longer than I have up close in person! No more anonymous Insta-lurking!

I feel good about this decision and I’m excited. I mean, not really physically excited at this very moment because I’m weighed down by a Mexican food baby in my tummy and I’m about to pass out. But I know this is all about diligently planning ahead and I’d rather make this decision at this stage of the game instead of waiting and adding all that crazy stress to my holiday schedule.

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