Day 28: I’m Here to Chew Bubblegum & Kick Ass



First things first – if you don’t get the movie reference in the above picture you need to stop whatever it is you’re doing and go rent They Live. You can thank me later. Here’s a quick summary from Wiki: “It follows a nameless drifter referred to as “Nada”, who discovers the ruling class are in fact aliens concealing their appearance and manipulating people to spend money, breed and accept the status quo with subliminal messages in mass media.” So awesome.

So, as it turns out, when you work full-time and hit the gym six days a week, blogging every day is a silly pipe dream. Going to the gym is “a thing” now – it requires some planning before hand (deciding on a good split for my week & which exercises I’ll do once I get there), making sure I have my supplements ready, along with my gear: gloves, headband, towels, log book, a pen, water, lifting straps and/or ankle straps and/or barbell pad. You get the idea. But I’m all in, baby! I’m getting stronger and stronger and more comfortable doing my thing once I get in the gym. You can call me a pussy for using barbell pads and lifting gloves. That’s OK. The mere recollection of that time I left the gym with giant blisters from swinging kettlebells around and couldn’t touch anything for 3 days is a great reminder that I don’t have anything to prove to anyone.

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve bought from Amazon to help me in the gym. Most gyms have equipment available to do pull-ups, squats and cable kick backs, but unless you have a seriously kick-ass gym or a personal trainer, most of them don’t provide this gear to make those exercises easier to newbies:

MummyStrength Pull Up Assist Bands (for, duh, assisted pull ups):

Barbell Pad (for doing heavy squats with a barbell):

Neoprene Padded Ankle Cuff (for cable kickbacks):

Now, you’ll have to excuse me… I’m running out the door right now to check out my first live bikini contest in Culver City! The Titans Grand Prix! I need to go for motivation and to be able to accurately envision my end game here. I really have no clue as to what to expect or what this will be like. Check back later for more details….

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