Day 2: Awwww crap

About 3 days worth of lunches & snackies!
About 3 days worth of lunches & snackies!

So, yeah, I’m writing this on Monday 9/22 because I forgot to do my daily post yesterday. Crap – Day 2 was a disaster! Perhaps that’s why I subconsciously forgot to check in. Let’s review, shall we? On Sunday mornings, my boyfriend and I always attend a meeting with friends at 8 am. It’s kind of like a non-denominational church gathering that we go to each Sunday, no matter what. I like to sleep in till 7:22 am, stumble out of bed, put on some non-wrinkled clothes and shuffle into the car half-asleep. I definitely don’t have time for coffee or breakfast. Yesterday I came home, worked on fiddling around with WordPress settings, painted my nails, picked up the clothes scattered about my bedroom. Before you know it, 11 am rolled around and I still had nothing in my tummy aside from a small black coffee with a little creamer. My parents called and asked if I wanted to do lunch in Pasadena and meet up for a while. Getting my folks outta their house and meeting up with them for lunch can be…tricky, to say the least – so I jumped at the opportunity and headed out to Pasadena with my boo.

Now, I did realize I should eat a little something – just enough to keep my appetite at bay -so I wouldn’t show up to the restaurant starving. I grabbed some almonds and had a couple bites of an apple. Nonetheless, I showed up starving. We didn’t have a restaurant picked out, and we just started walking down the street looking for a breakfast joint. Nothing. Three pizzerias and an Italian place all in a row- and nothing else. Really?! So there I was, in an Italian restaurant at noon with next-to-nothing in my stomach, and a menu full of delicious pizzas. I asked to order a small salad and add grilled chicken. The waitress informed me they don’t serve chicken – only salami & sausage. Options became more and more limited.

So yeah, I ate a greasy, cheesy white-sauce pizza with chunks of sausage on top and it was fucking delish. I did also have a small side salad with arugula, fresh beets and olive oil. But pizza?! That shit is NOT in the plan. It is so far OFF the grid that I ate every bite with shame. But I was starving! They didn’t serve chicken! I was going to die (or so I thought)!

Ok – I ain’t gonna be one of those chicks that freaks out at every failure or obsess over every bite. I’m just not. Eating one pizza 4 months away from my competition is not going to kill me.However, I have to learn from this experience and make some necessary adjustments so I don’t mind myself in this scenario over and over again:

1) Have breakfast every single morning. Weekends are easy – I should always have time to scramble some eggs, make a veggie & egg omelette, or a protein shake. That mean’s I’ll be waking up early on Sundays to eat before my meeting!

2) If I’m going to eat out with friends or family – know the restaurant ahead of time. Eat a small healthy meal at home ahead of time, and plan on ordering a small salad or something similarly healthy at the restaurant. Check the menu ahead of time and pick something out that doesn’t take me off track. Most important: don’t go to restaurants when I’m starving, because I will eat everything I see.

3) Severely restrict eating out. I know what you might be thinking — Whaaa?!? That’s ridiculous. I know. I love eating – especially trying out new restaurants with my boo and my friends. But a couple things are at play here. Number one: I’m currently also on a strict budget while getting some financial ducks in a row so I can save up for school that starts in January. I cannot afford to eat out all the time. Two: controlling/restricting myself at a restaurant is difficult, the temptation too great. Why make myself miserable? Three: It’s only 5 months! Maybe I can loosen up a little after the show – but right now, this is not a big price to pay. It’s a slight adjustment that needs to be made to keep me on track. I can still hang with my peeps – go to a movie, go hiking, grab coffee, etc. Our festivities don’t have to revolve around eating!

Yesterday was not a total loss. I did a great meal prep for the next two days at work:

  • 1 cup of 2% Fage greek yogurt with a handful of fresh blackberries & 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed
  • 1 container with a handful of carrots & 2 servings of raw almonds
  • 1.5 lbs of plain grilled chicken
  • 2 small yukon gold potatoes
  • 2 salads: arugula, spring mix, handful of cherry tomatoes (dressing on the side: I always use Tessamae’s!! It rocks. It’s literally just olive oil & various seasonings – no cream/milk/dairy/sugar/bad stuff)
  • 2 bananas

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