Guilt-free (almost) meat


As a failed vegetarian who watched countless hours of PETA videos, I try to buy meat from pasture-raised farms that adhere to the Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards. Look, I know it’s not perfect. Ideally, all of my meat would come from a local farm down the street where the animals roam free, outside, with no cages or pens in sight, and after a long, happy, hormone-and-antibiotic free life they are cleanly and humanely butchered without feeling an ounce of pain. So, I do my best in the meantime. That’s why I like buying from U.S. Wellness Meats. They don’t treat with antibiotics or hormones and they never finish their cattle with grain. Bonus, per their website, they have never seen any evidence of adrenaline-rush damage to the meat tissue after slaughter (a common stress-indicator when animals are tortured or in pain before death). Even better, they don’t charge shipping! Um, what? I just bought pounds of frozen meat…and no shipping? That is fucking awesome.                    

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