Day 11: Lucy gets her shots

It's been 95 days since we took my little brother off life-support at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica. The first 60 days were a blur, a self-imposed quarantine, where I laid in bed watching over 200 hours of Law & Order and crying into my pillow. Every time I tried to function, whether it … Continue reading Day 11: Lucy gets her shots

14 Weeks Out from Show #2

Agggghh! Ok, so it's been a while since I've blogged. Here's what happened: I got really hung up last time about posting blogs throughout my prep that I forgot to know...prep. When I got serious and found a coach in late March, and started a real 10 week prep, there was absolutely NO TIME … Continue reading 14 Weeks Out from Show #2

Hangin’ tough

Today's workout got me like this lil baby. Should I eat, sleep, or just cry? This is what happened: 5 exercises x 15 reps each x 5 sets - 90 second rest in between sets Assisted Pull Ups (I like using MummyStrength bands over the assisted machine) Box Jumps Barbell Chest Press Floor leg raises Sumo … Continue reading Hangin’ tough

How you know when things are getting serious….

1.       There are tons of Quest protein bar wrappers littered about your car. 2.       You rate peanut butter up there with bacon. 3.       You do Leg Day two or three times a week. 4.      You get more excited over a pair of new workout leggings than a pair of 7 … Continue reading How you know when things are getting serious….

Day 50: NPC workshop

Last Friday evening I attended the NPC Bikini Workshop hosted by Tamer El Guindy (a two time Mr. USA and IFBB bodybuilding pro), along with a panel of trainers and experts like Kim Oddo and Ingrid Romero. It was at the Sheraton Gateway hotel next to LAX, right before the athlete check-in's for the Iron Games competition. As I … Continue reading Day 50: NPC workshop